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A Luau Experience With Paradise Cove

Author 07-18-2018

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A Luau is one of Hawaii’s most iconic celebrations and is something that attendees will never forget. Imagine passionate and talented fire twirlers, dancers, and performers giving their all to an age-old tradition right before your eyes. When you stay with us in our vacation rentals in Honolulu Hawaii at Marina Hawaii Vacations, the nearby Paradise Cove is the perfect place to discover the beauty of the Hawaiian culture firsthand.

Living Tradition

Paradise Cove is a destination within a destination that preserves the culture and traditions of Hawaii in a way that also educates others about the beauty of our ancestors. Whether it is dining on traditional Hawaiian cuisine, singing along with the songs of our ancestors, or watching the powerful dances of warriors of the past, you can find it here. The Hawaiian lifestyle is near and dear to our hearts, and we’re delighted to share it with those visiting our beautiful island home.

The Experience

When visitors come to Paradise Cove, it is to soak in the true heritage of Hawaii. Several packages offer exciting pieces of our culture. Choices of traditional meals, various arts and crafts, ceremonies, and dances are included in each package in order to feature as much of our traditional  luau culture as possible. You can find yourself front row for some of the most spectacular viewings of authentic Hawaiian culture. The Paradise Cove experience is a favorite amongst guests that stay in our vacation rentals in Honolulu Hawaii.vacation rentals in Honolulu Hawaii

Your Hawaiian Adventure

We are well known for our beautiful landscapes and breathtaking beaches, but our culture is one of the most exciting and unforgettable parts of visiting our islands. Stay with us at Marina Hawaii Vacations and visit places like Paradise Cove for a personal experience that will instill a part of Hawaii in your heart forever. Our vacation rentals in Honolulu Hawaii are waiting for you; so what are you waiting for? Come and experience the incredible traditions of our ancestors with us!