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Our Guide to Discovering the Hidden Gems of Oahu

Author 04-10-2024

Beyond iconic spots like Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbor, Oahu offers a world waiting to be explored. If you’re planning your first visit, or even if you’ve been before and are looking to get off the beaten path on your next trip, finding some hidden gems to add to your itinerary is a must. This month, we’re covering a few of our favorite lesser-known wonders of the island. As you plan your next getaway, see how many of these you can check out during your stay. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Makapu’u Tide Pools

Makapu'u Tide Pools

Located on Oahu’s southeastern shore, the Makapu’u Tide Pools are a great hidden gem to check out, especially if you want to incorporate some rewarding hikes into your vacation. Created by crashing waves filling lava rock formations, the tide pools are a great place to swim, float, and explore.

To access the tide pools, head to the Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail and follow it as it climbs the western side of the ridge. A little more than halfway through the hike, when you see a whale-watching sign, look for a cove with rocks leading down to the pools. Remember to wear tough-soled shoes for the hike and decent to the water. If you visit this natural wonder, be sure to pay close attention to the tides as the water can rise quickly, and churning currents can pull you out to sea. We recommend visiting at sunrise for the best experience.

Ka’ena Point

Ka’ena Point trail in Oahu

If you want a destination that will treat you to dramatic cliffs, pristine beaches, and sweeping views, Ka’ena Point has you covered on all fronts. This quiet corner of Oahu is perfect for folks looking to connect with nature during their visit. Along the 2.7-mile hike, be on the lookout for native seabirds, monk seals, and spinner dolphins! You’ll also get to explore fossilized reefs and, if you’re brave enough – the legendary home of Nanaue the Shark Man inside the famed Kaneana sea cave! For a dose of local lore and absolute raw beauty, this hidden gem can’t be beaten.

Byodo-In Temple

Byodo-In Temple in Oahu

Tucked into the Ko’olau Mountains, this stunning replica of a 900-year-old Japanese temple features incredible architecture, tranquil gardens, and picture-perfect photo ops you have to see to believe. Established in 1968, Byodo-In Temple commemorates the 100-year anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants who arrived in Hawaii. When you visit, take some time to explore the meditation alcoves and reflection pools. You can even pack a picnic to enjoy on the peaceful grounds, but be sure to keep an eye out for wandering peacocks! Open to people of all faith backgrounds, touring this Buddhist temple allows for moments of gentle reset during your Oahu vacation.

Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls in Oahu, Hawaii

For a simple hike that ends with an incredible view, head to the lush Manoa Valley. Perfect for novice hikers, this .8-mile trek leads you along a gravel-paved path until you’re standing at the base of a thundering 150-foot cascade. Along the way, you’ll be treated to the sweet smells of wild ginger and papaya as you wander through the rainforest. There are also tons of native birds and other tropical plants to see. Toward the end of the hike, just before the falls, you can marvel at a giant bamboo forest and truly understand why the ancient Hawaiians gave this place a name that meant “vast” and “wide.” After seeing Manoa Falls, be sure to visit the restaurant and shopping area located at the parking entrance. It’s a great finish to a beautiful day.

Leave No Trace

When exploring Oahu’s natural treasures, it’s crucial to practice the “Leave No Trace” principles. This means keeping the landscapes as you found them, disposing of waste properly, and minimizing your impact on wildlife and plant life. By doing so, you help ensure these hidden gems remain pristine and vibrant for future visitors to enjoy. It’s our collective responsibility to protect these natural wonders and maintain the beauty of the island for generations to come.

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