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Benefits of a Vacation Rental Versus a Hotel

Author 03-20-2024

So, you’re planning a vacation, and every detail is set, from your destination and travel dates to the exciting things you want to experience while you visit. The only thing left to do is choose where you’ll stay. When it comes to picking your ideal vacation accommodations, a lot goes into the decision. What part of town do you want to stay in? Who has the best price in the area? How much space do you need? And perhaps the most important question of all is should you stay in a hotel or a vacation rental? With tons of benefits, booking a vacation rental often provides your family with an exceptional stay at a lower rate than most hotels. This month, we’re covering the top benefits of a vacation rental versus a hotel. So, as you browse for your perfect Waikiki Beach getaway, consider these points so you can find the best place for your stay.

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More Personal Stays

When you book a hotel room, you’re getting a cookie-cutter experience where all the rooms look the same from the bedding to the art on the walls, and let’s face it, none of it’s particularly inspiring. Add to that the quick-change turnover from guest to guest and the whole thing starts to feel a bit cold and impersonal. When you book a vacation rental, you’re choosing to step into someone’s personally curated space. No two are ever exactly the same. This adds a level of exclusivity to your stay and can make your home away from home feel that much more cozy and inviting.

Save Money You Can Put Toward Activities

Booking a hotel room can be a costly endeavor, especially if you’re traveling with a larger group and need to reserve multiple rooms. When you book a vacation rental, you can split the cost and enjoy staying under one roof. Vacation rentals also make extended stays more affordable by often offering discounts on longer reservations. Rather than a set nightly rate, enjoy specials like Marina Hawaii Vacation’s current spring offer, where you can book 6 nights and get the 7th free!

Prepare Meals at Home

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If you’re visiting a location for more than a couple of days, the food bill can start to add up quickly. It can also be exhausting to have to find a place to go for every single meal. When you book a vacation rental, you can enjoy the convenience of cooking meals at home. From daily cooler essentials of sandwiches, drinks, and snacks to nightly dinners with the family, having a kitchen with all the necessities is one of the biggest perks of booking a vacation rental versus a hotel.

In addition to the convenience of a fully equipped kitchen, when you book one of our Marina Hawaii vacation rentals, not only can you enjoy resort-style conveniences like those you’d find at a hotel: free wi-fi, valet parking, on-site dining, and entertainment options, but you can also take advantage of things like our laundry facilities. This added convenience makes everything from day-to-day swimwear cleaning to packing up for your departure so much more convenient. Don’t worry about cramming dirty clothes into your suitcase for your long flight home. Utilize our on-site laundry as much as you need during your stay.

Find your Dream Home and Return Year After Year

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Staying in a vacation rental versus a hotel means you can find a place that truly feels like home. When you return to your favorite destination, rather than booking a random room, you can step into the familiarity and comfort of your own space. This personal connection will help you and your family feel like locals during your stay and deepen your experience, helping create lasting memories you’ll cherish forever.

To find your personal piece of paradise, when you’re planning your Hawaiian vacation, be sure to browse Marina Hawaii Vacations properties and book your vacation rental directly with us for the best rates and service on the island. We can’t wait to welcome you home to Waikiki Beach on your next Oahu getaway.