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Marina Hawaii Partnerships with Local Oahu Businesses

We at Marina Hawaii Vacations strive to help you find and save on the best experiences during your Oahu vacation. As such, we have partnered with select local Oahu businesses that offer special discounts when you book your stay in one our Waikiki vacation rentals.

Check out our partnerships below to see where and how you can save big on things like beach gear, tours, and Hawaiian cultural experiences.


The LineUp at Wai Kai Lagoon

The LineUp at Wai Kai is a fun new recreational hub that features several exciting water activities, a restaurant, a cafe, and a retail store. The main attraction is the Wai Kai Wave, a 100-ft-wide standing surf wave that’s adjustable for surfers of all experience levels. You can also enjoy the Wai Kai Show, which combines dinner, surfing and a luau all in one fantastic experience! *Please note this is located about a 45 minute drive away from our resort area.


The LineUp at Wai Kai Lagoon Partnership Promo Details

Guests staying with Marina Hawaii Vacations are eligible for a 10% discount on all surf and waterfront products, as well as the Wai Kai Show.


BabyQuip Baby Gear Rentals

Visiting Waikiki with a baby or toddler? Marina Hawaii Vacations has partnered with BabyQuip for the best available baby gear rentals. With BabyQuip, you can rent everything from strollers and cribs to car seats and kid-carrier backpacks.


BabyQuip Partnership Promo Details

When you book your stay with Marina Hawaii Vacations, you’ll earn discounted rates on any and all BabyQuip gear for the duration of your stay. Browse gear rentals on the BabyQuip website.


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