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Visiting Pearl Harbor: Marina Hawaii Vacations

Author 02-02-2019

Pearl Harbor is one of Hawaii’s most well known historical military bases in America. Millions of people visit Pearl Harbor every year to learn about the history and experience the sights that allow you to catch a glimpse of the past through museums and monuments. When you take a Hawaii vacation with us at Marina Hawaii Vacations, take a day to explore this historical area and discover all there is to know about this famous site.

The History Of Pearl Harbor

December 7th, 1941 was the day that set a chain of events into motion during World War II as Pearl Harbor was sent under fire. People across the world had their eyes on the base as tragedy struck. You can still find pieces of history left behind to honor those who fell in the events that unfolded in the Harbor. However, Pearl Harbor is now recognized as a place where all of those who were affected, their families, and those who simply wish to learn about that historical day can learn about the events that occurred and commemorate those who aided in bringing peace between Japan and America once again.

More Than A Historical Sight

Pearl Harbor is still an active military base and also has several sights that people can gain insight on the past events that have taken place there. It is easy to spend a full day here because of the Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island, tours of the USS Missouri, the USS Oklahoma Memorial, the USS Arizona Memorial, and the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. Schedule tours and purchase tickets ahead of time to plan your visit and spend the day learning about World War II history. Get a first-hand glimpse into history through the stories of those who survived and various pieces of history that remain on display for visitors to view during their Hawaii Vacation. Pearl Harbor is full of fantastic educational opportunities and is a one of a kind experience.

Plan Your Own Experience

Whether you wish to attend a guided tour or explore on your own self-guided tour, Pearl Harbor is a sight that you will not want to miss on your Hawaii Vacation. The next time you stay with us at Marina Hawaii Vacations, be sure to add Pearl Harbor to your itinerary as this must-see holds an important piece of our history and is well worth a visit. Discover this National Historic Landmark and uncover the intriguing history of Pearl Harbor.