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Fun at Kualoa Ranch

Author 05-12-2016

Fun at Kualoa Ranch

What do Godzilla
all have in common, aside from frightening monsters and riveting story lines?
They were all filmed right here on Oahu! Scenes from Hollywood hits such as
“You, Me, and Dupree,” “50 First Dates,” and of course “Hawaii Five-0” were
filmed at the famous Kualoa Ranch. This privately owned 4,000 acre reserve sits
on the windward side of the island, and features hidden gems such as a secret
island and an ancient Hawaiian fish pond. Kualoa itself was considered
sacred land by ancient Hawaiians, and once you visit you will understand why.
, Jurassic Park, and the TV show Lost

The Ranch includes Hakipu’u and Ka’a’awa Valleys, with a multitude of peaks and ridges. The good people of Kualoa offer tours on ATVs, ziplines, cataramans, and buses, but our favorite is the horseback riding tour. Guests are afforded gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean and Chinaman’s Hat, as well as Ka’a’awa Valley. Additionally, the tour passes through several areas used in various films (such as the “Jurassic Park” sign and the famous fallen tree from the movie). The lush greenery and the quiet of the vast space feels other-worldly. On this tour it’s hard to tell whether the goosebumps are coming from the refreshing sea breeze, the stunning view, or the thrill of crossing over Godzilla’s footprints.


The vibrant land at Kualoa has had many functions over years, including serving as an army airstrip during World War II. The ranch’s history is fascinating, and dates all the way back to King Kamehameha III. We don’t want to give away all of the fun and secrets (though rumor has it they’re filming a new movie on the ranch featuring a certain gargantuan gorilla), so for more information on tours for the whole family, visit:


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Susie Bowman