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Explore These 6 Fascinating Honolulu Museums

Author 05-02-2023

Honolulu has a vibrant arts and culture scene, with numerous museums and galleries to explore. Whether you’re interested in learning about Hawaii’s rich history or  immersing yourself in incredible artwork from across the globe, there’s a museum in Honolulu that will show you exactly what you’d like to see.

Read on to discover some of our favorite museums that you need to visit on your Honolulu vacation.

1) Honolulu Museum of Art

The Honolulu Museum of Art (HoMA) is an organization dedicated to the study and preservation of all types of Hawaiian art. HoMA’s permanent collection of ancient and contemporary art contains over 50,000 pieces spanning 5,000 years. In addition to Hawaiian art, the museum holds pieces from Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa, and other parts of the Pacific.

HoMA is open from 10 AM – 6 PM on Thursday and Sunday, and it’s open from 10 AM – 9 PM on Friday and Saturday. Admission for adults is $20, and children 18 and under can enter for free.

Honolulu Bishop Museum

2) Bishop Museum

Experience the breadth of Hawaii’s rich natural and cultural history at the Bishop Museum. The museum houses the largest collection of Hawaiian and Pacific cultural artifacts and natural history specimens in the world. Amongst this collection are a wide variety of ancient Hawaiian weapons and tools, traditional clothing, and contemporary art.

The Bishop Museum is open daily from 9 AM – 5 PM, and admission costs vary depending on your age and the day you visit. Visit the Tickets page on the Bishop Museum website to learn more about ticket prices.

3) Shangri La

Shangri La is a standalone museum of Islamic art and culture, the only one in the US. This museum was originally built in 1937 as the Honolulu home of Doris Duke, and it was inspired by here extensive travels through regions of Africa and South Asia. Shangri La contains a vast collection of Islamic art pieces such as textiles, ceramics, jewelry, and more.

You can reserve tours of Shangri La via the Honolulu Museum of Art, as individual access to the museum is prohibited. Tour reservations grant you 75 minutes of exploration through Shangri La with controlled access to the grounds, and you will receive automatic admission to HoMA as well.

Hawaii State Art Museum

4) Hawaii State Art Museum

The Hawaii State Art Museum (HiSAM) is a great place for art lovers to visit. The museum’s collection includes a wide range of artwork, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and textiles created by Hawaiian artists, as well as pieces from international artists. Visitors can expect to see a mix of traditional and contemporary art that showcases the unique cultural identity of Hawaii. HiSAM hosts some of the very best works of contemporary art from across the entire state of Hawaii, and admission to the museum is free!

Check out HiSAM any time between 10 AM – 4 PM, Monday – Saturday. The museum also offers guided tours by appointment, and visitors can explore the galleries on their own or participate in educational programs and special events.

5) U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii

The U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii is an excellent place to visit for anyone interested in military history or wanting to learn more about the role of the US Army in the Pacific region. Plus, it’s only a short walk away from many of our Waikiki vacation rentals. The museum’s collection spans over two centuries of Army history and includes exhibits and artifacts from conflicts such as World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Visitors can expect to see a variety of displays, including uniforms, weapons, photographs, and personal memorabilia from soldiers who served in Hawaii and throughout the Pacific.

The hours of operation for the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii are from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9 AM – 5 PM. Admission is free, and guided tours are available for groups of ten or more with advance notice.

6) The ARTS at Marks Garage

ARTS at Marks Garage is a community arts center located in the heart of Honolulu’s Chinatown. The center provides a platform for local artists to showcase their work and engage with the community through a variety of art forms, including visual arts, theater, music, and dance. Visitors can expect to see a diverse range of exhibits, performances, and events that reflect the cultural identity and creativity of Hawaii’s artists.

The center’s hours of operation vary depending on the events and exhibitions, but it is generally open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Admission is typically free, but some events may require a ticket or donation


Each of these museums have something different to offer. Let us know if you’ve visited any of them and what you enjoyed! For your visit to Waikiki in Honolulu, make sure to book a vacation rental with Marina Hawaii Vacations.