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Best Ahi Poke on the Island

Author 06-03-2016

Best Ahi Poke on the Island


Here on Oahu, we love our ahi poke. “Ahi” is tuna, and “poke” refers to a cubed cut of meat or fish. High grade ahi poke is enjoyed raw with various sauces and seasonings all over Hawaii. In recent years it has become a popular menu item in many American or Asian fusion restaurants across the country. It can serve as an appetizer, or a meal, either by itself or atop a bowl of rice (a “poke bowl”). While there are many amazing places for fresh fish all over the island, here is our list of the must-try ahi poke spots on Oahu:


Kahuku Superette

Of all the poke on the island, this is the one that will stand out in your memory for years to come, and the next time you visit Oahu you’ll find yourself saying, “What was that little hole-in-the-wall up on the North Shore called?” Kahuku Superette. Easy to access, right on Kamehameha Highway, this little market boasts the best poke on the North Shore, and perhaps on the whole island. The shoyu poke sauce is a generations-old recipe owned by the superette’s owner. Apparently the recipe originally came from her Grandmother in Korea. Homemade in large batches and left to ferment, this sauce is top-secret and top-notch. Take a drive up the North Shore, and make sure to stop here along the way. You can’t skip the shoyu poke, but try another flavor as well, and take your containers to go as you enjoy the beautiful scenery of the North Shore, or head over to the nearby Keana Farms or beautiful beaches. 

56-505 Kamehameha Hwy


Ono’s Seafood

In Hawaiian, “ono” means delicious. And the ahi poke lives up to its name at Ono’s Seafood! Centrally located, though easy to miss (another hole-in-the-wall), this is a beloved spot for locals and tourists to grub on the best poke in town. Come for the famous poke bowls, and stay for the tako (octopus).  This is a one-stop-shop, complete with Hawaiian sun juices and other snacks and local foods in the refrigerator. The shop is small, and parking can be tight. Take your food to go, or enjoy it outside at the picnic tables before you go back in for a second helping!

747 Kapahulu Ave Apt 4


Maguro Brothers

As the name suggests, two brothers founded this fine eating establishment. Hailing from the Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan, these two know how to pick the best fish daily at the Honolulu fish auction. From maguro to uni to salmon, there is something to try here each day of the week! Conveniently located in Chinatown in downtown Honolulu, this is a great stop for lunch after touring the royal palace or strolling through Chinatown. 

1039 Kekaulike St #113, Honolulu, HI 96817


If you’re in the mood for affordable poke that retains a high quality, our grocery store recommendation is Foodland. Not only are these located all over the island, but the quality and flavor of their poke is right up there with the best of the restaurants. This is a great option for grab-and-go while you’re doing your grocery shopping. 

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