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If swimming with sharks is on your bucket list, then you’re vacationing in the right place! Hawaii is home to about 40 species of sharks, but roughly eight call Oahu home. Luckily, Oahu’s top shark diving guides are a quick drive from our Marina Hawaii Vacations. Each facility offers its own experience for interacting with sharks, ranging from cage diving to open swimming with sharks. For an adventure like no other, slide on your bathing suit and swim with the sharks. 

Sharks in Oahu

swimming with sharks

Before swimming with sharks, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the species you’re likely to see. The whitetip reef shark, scalloped hammerhead shark, tiger shark, Galapagos shark, gray reef shark, and the sandbar shark are a few regulars to the area. 

You’ll quickly notice that whitetip reef sharks are easiest to identify because of their dorsal fin’s white tip. These sharks can breathe while lying still, which is rare. These curious sharks are known to get up close and personal but don’t worry; they pose no immediate threat to humans. 

Galapagos sharks are larger than whitetip reef sharks and can reach around nine and a half feet long! Unfortunately, Galapagos sharks can act aggressively toward humans if they feel their home or babies are threatened. Their behavior pales in comparison to tiger sharks, who’ve earned the reputation as man-eaters. People often forget to mention that at times, these sharks enjoy eating garbage. While these three species are seen most often, you’ll likely see other species away from the shore, such as around coral reefs or underwater volcanoes. 

Cage Diving Expectations

Is this adventure for you? Of course it is! Previous Hawaii Shark Encounters guests range from non-swimmers to National Geographic photographers; their eldest diver was an 80-year-old,, while their youngest, only three! The guides state that both parties were impressed! While this excursion is doable for most people, some factors require additional preparation. The entry and exit of the cage require guests to be able to climb down a five-step ladder. You also must be able to carry your weight back into the boat. Also, be aware of the potential for rough waters. Even on a calm day, there’s a chance for rough water. So, if you are prone to motion sickness, plan ahead. 

Marina Hawaii Vacations

After swimming with sharks, head back to Marina Hawaii Vacations for a Selachimorpha free, outdoor pool. Or better yet, cook up a traditional Hawaiian meal in your own fully-equipped kitchen. Whichever activity sounds more appealing after swimming with sharks, we’re sure you’ll feel right at home. To learn more information, visit our website or talk to our friendly staff at 808-946-0716.  


From small local bars to classy lounges with wild dance clubs, the island of Oahu has it all when it comes to nightlife. Honolulu and the surrounding areas boast themselves to have the largest variety of nightlife spots of all the islands. Luckily, Marina Hawaii Vacations is centrally located by all the fun. If you’re searching for a party, look no further. Honolulu’s busy streets are lined with party spots. Enjoy the best nightlife Honolulu has to offer, starting with our top six locations. 

Amuse Wine Bar 

Located in the Honolulu Design Center, Amuse Wine Bar serves dozens of wines in a classy, sleek lounge. Guests can fill a card with money and taste different wines and appetizers. The wine is poured in one-ounce increments at various prices- it’s an easy way to taste all 80 wine options! Amuse features live music, happy hour and specials throughout the week. 

Air Park Karaoke Lounge 

Air Park Karaoke Lounge is the place for you to sing your heart out, no matter how horrible you sound. Find a room to hang out or snag the microphone to sing your favorite tune in the open lounge. Air Park has a full bar and loaded song list that’s continually being updated so you can sing along to that song stuck in your head. If you’re on vacation with guests under 21-years-old, check out a private room Sunday through Thursday. 

The Manifest

Don’t feel like singing? Head to Honolulu’s arts and entertainment district where you’ll find The Manifest, an all-night dance party. This Chinatown bar brings in some of the hottest DJs in town! Be sure to snap some pictures during your night out; Manifest’s artsy brick walls and hanging lights will make a great picture for the ‘gram. 

The District Nightclub

Change up your nightclub scene and make your way to The District Nightclub. Guests can find this club across from Ala Moana and Addiction Nightclub in the Modern Honolulu Hotel. The District Nightclub is a popular spot for DJs and special performers to play their sets. There’s no better place to celebrate a birthday, bridal party or other special events than with VIP bottle service at The District Nightclub. It’s your time to dance the night away! 

SKY Waikiki

Take your night to a different level of fun at SKY Waikiki. This 19-story rooftop bar gives guests the best panoramic views of Waikiki and Honolulu’s skyline. SKY Waikiki is Hawaii’s only rooftop bar, restaurant and nightclub, so we guarantee this is a once in a lifetime experience. After all, they say cocktails taste much better while dancing under the stars. 

Mai Tai Bar

If nightclubs, karaoke and dancing isn’t your style, we’ve got a spot for you! Mai Tai Bar offers guests a more chill night out with live, local music and plenty of room to move around. There is a plethora of free parking and friendly bartenders to serve all of their guests. Mai Tai Bar is often thought of as the ‘locals bar.’

Wherever your night in Honolulu takes you, you’re bound to have a great time. When the bars start to close and you find yourself getting sleepy, Marina Hawaii Vacations will welcome you back with open arms. Book your dream vacation today by visiting our website, or talking to our friendly staff at 808-946-0716.

When you are looking for the perfect destination to let loose with the guy’s, there is no better place than Honolulu, Hawaii. Pack your bags and get ready for the best guy’s getaway with your crew with us at Marina Hawaii Vacations. Discover an array of exciting things to do in Waikiki and the surrounding area with your crew for an unforgettable escape!

For the Thrill Seekers

If you and your crew love a rush of adrenaline and can’t help but walk on the edge, there are a few adventurous things to do in Waikiki and on Oahu that you will not want to miss.


Chill Out and Hang Loose

When it comes to finding things to do in Waikiki and Honolulu for the best time out with your crew, there are a few fantastic options to chill out and hang loose with your closest buds. If you enjoy drinks with the guys and watching sports games or UFC fights in a social setting, there is no better place to check out than Bar Elixrs in Honolulu. Delicious menu options, hand-crafted cocktails, and an array of tap brews can be paired up with the day’s biggest sporting event for a great afternoon out. Get a little fresh air while exploring and enjoying a beverage or two at the same time with Paradise Pedals Hawaii. You can choose from several tours that best fit your style and enjoy a day pedaling through the Honolulu area. For a unique experience out on the water, sail out onto the waves with Maita’i Catamaran boat tours. Watch the sun sink below the rippling Pacific Ocean horizon or sail under the stars with a Mahina Moonlight Sail.Things to do in Waikiki

Waikiki Rentals the Crew will Love

There is no telling where your days will take you when you and the crew take a trip to Oahu Hawaii. Explore all of these incredible things to do in Waikiki and the Honolulu region of the island, as well as many other options. When you stay with us at Marina Hawaii Vacations, you will be able to find the ideal vacation rentals for you and your friends that allow you easy access to all of the best attractions in the area. Only a hop and a skip from Waikiki Beach and within walking distance of an array of things to do and see, you and your friends won’t miss a beat. Grab your best buddies and head to Oahu for the best guy’s getaway imaginable!