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Best Bakeries on Oahu

Author 03-21-2016

Best Bakeries on Oahu

Here on Oahu the sun is shining, the water is warm, and our biggest worry some days is which bakery has the best malasadas (in case you haven’t tried this delightful pastry, it is a Portuguese donut without a hole, beloved by Hawaiians). Many locals are loyal to just one bakery—we have strong feelings on all things pastry!

I ate way too many malasadas in order to give you a comprehensive review of the three best bakeries on the island. Give these bakeries a try and let us know which one is your favorite:
Leonard’s Bakery: Perhaps the most famous Hawaiian Bakery, this one is a tourist magnet. Once you taste their legendary, fresh, hot malasadas you’ll understand why. Head over to Kapahulu Ave and try the original, haupia, or dobash (chocolate) filled malasadas. They come coated in regular sugar, cinnamon-sugar, or the local-style Li-Hing Mui powder. Look out for their flavors of the month, such as lilikoi or pineapple. Don’t blame us when you go in for one and leave with a dozen! Visit for more information.

Liliha Bakery: With the original location on Liliha Street, and a second location on Nimitz Highway, this bakery has been keeping Honolulu happy for over 60 years. This cozy spot is open 24 hours (closed Monday) and has a breakfast bar where you can enjoy delicious diner-style and local foods. While their malasadas and butter rolls, chiffon cakes and pies are enjoyed by many, they are most famous for their coco puffs. These are large cream puffs filled with chocolate pudding and topped with their signature chantilly frosting. They come in several flavors (like green tea), and are definitely worth a try! Visit for more information.

Kamehameha Bakery: Lesser-known to tourists but famous among locals, Kamehameha Bakery is tucked away in Dillingham Square in Kalihi. Fan favorites are the poi malasadas and the strawberry malasadas. When I first moved to the island and joined my sister and her family, she informed me that “we are a Kamehameha Bakery family.” My nephew likes nothing better than their custard-filled long john, covered in chocolate. Go early for the hot poi malasadas- they’re best fresh, and they sell out fast. Kam Bakery is too cool and old fashioned to have a website, but you can check out their reviews on Facebook and Yelp.

Happy Eating!

Susie Bowman
Reservations Agent