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Check Out These Coworking Spaces for Working Remote in Oahu

Need to get some things done on your Oahu vacation, but don’t want to work from your condo rental? No problem! Oahu has many great coworking spaces for you to get your remote work done. For a small fee, gain access to an office environment alongside other working professionals right here on Oahu. In addition to remote-work essentials such as desks, printers and high-speed Wi-Fi, many of these Oahu coworking spaces come with desirable amenities to make your workday as comfortable as possible.

Without further adieu, here are the five best coworking spaces on Oahu.

Young Professionals at a Coworking Space in Oahu

The Box Jelly

Located in the Kaka’ako district just a few minutes drive from Waikiki, The Box Jelly is one of the finest coworking spaces in Honolulu. They have a variety of great working spaces, fast wireless internet, and plenty of amenities such as a coffee station and kitchen area. The Box Jelly also has lovely outdoor spaces for you to work from or simply enjoy the Hawaiian views.

You can pay daily rates to work from The Box Jelly, or you can apply for a membership if you’re in Oahu for an extended stay. Check out their pass and membership options here.

Young Woman Using Laptop for Remote Work at Oahu Coworking Space

Hub Coworking Hawaii

Hub Coworking Hawaii has two locations: one in the Kaka’ako district, and one at Waikiki in the International Marketplace close-by Marina Hawaii. Either location offers great working spaces and amenities for you to utilize for remote work. Depending on your budget or work needs, you can either work in the community work spaces or reserve dedicated desks and offices.

To work at Hub Coworking Hawaii, you need to purchase a minimum of a two-day pass. There are also several membership options if you’re planning an extended stay. These prices will vary depending on the location you choose, so be sure to read through their pricing options here.

Group of Professionals Using a Coworking Space Conference Room

Tidepools @ CPB

Tidepools @ CPB is a fantastic little coworking space at a bank that won’t break the bank because it’s FREE! Although this working space doesn’t offer much in the way of amenities, Tidepools provides office space and Wi-Fi for guests to use at no cost. Simply head to the Tidepools page on the CPB website, select the office space you’d like to reserve and how long you’ll need it, and then you’re good to go.

Young Professionals Working in an Open Coworking Space

Treehouse Coworking

With locations in Kahala and Kailua, Treehouse Coworking provides a private office environment designed for productivity and a healthy lifestyle. Not only do they offer private rooms and conference rooms for meetings, they have outdoor spaces with comfy lawn chairs and a soothing pond that’s equally great for working and networking!

Although you can book a free day pass to check out either Treehouse location, this coworking organization exclusively operates through memberships. If you’re staying on Oahu long enough to make use of a monthly membership, then contact Treehouse Coworking here to see membership options and/or book a tour with their friendly staff.

Two Professional Women Networking at a Coworking Space

Waku/Work Coworking Office

Located in Downtown Honolulu, Waku/Work Coworking Office offers 2 locations to support independent, freelance, creators and professionals looking for a low-cost, high-quality office in the city center. They have well-lit offices and working spaces with minimalist designs along with free coffee and access to a kitchenette for guests.

Waku/Work is another great option for anyone visiting Oahu who needs a working space one or a few days. You can purchase a day pass here for $25 per day plus tax by visiting their website.


Those are our picks for the best coworking spaces nearby Marina Hawaii Vacations in Waikiki. If you need to work remotely during your stay at Waikiki and prefer not to work out of your vacation rental, then any one of the spaces listed above will serve as a great place to set up shop for a few days or more.

Browse our other blog posts for more insider tips on things to do and see during your Oahu vacation. And be sure to book your stay in Waikiki with Marina Hawaii Vacations for the best local accommodations!

Everything You Need to Know About Luaus on Hawaii

A visit to Hawaii is incomplete without participating in an authentic Hawaiian lūʻau (AKA luau). In essence, a luau is a feast and celebration that features many traditional Hawaiian dishes as well as lively music and cultural performances. Luaus are typically held to mark special occasions such as a wedding or birth of a child.

Today, there are many places across Oahu and the other Hawaiian islands where you can experience authentic luaus. Read on to find out everything you need to know about these special celebrations as well as the best places for you to attend one.

vacation rentals in honolulu hawaii

History of the Luau

Luau-like gatherings have been a part of Hawaiian culture for many centuries, but the first celebrations that were actually called luaus didn’t occur until the early 19th century. The name of a “luau” came about as a reference to the taro leaves used to wrap foods before they were cooked for the feast.

In 1819, the first modern version of a luau took place when King Kamehameha II invited women to eat at the feast with the rest of the group. Before then, women and men dined separately, and women were prohibited from consuming various specific foods from the feast.

People Sitting at a Hawaiian Picnic Feast

What Foods Are Served at a Luau?

At a luau, guests are greeted with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, typically held outdoors in a scenic location like a beach or a backyard. One of the central features of a luau is the imu, an underground oven used for cooking a whole pig, known as “kalua pig.” The pig is seasoned, wrapped in banana leaves, and placed in the imu to slow-cook for several hours, resulting in tender and flavorful meat.

In addition to the kalua pig, the luau feast typically includes a variety of other dishes, such as poi (a traditional Hawaiian staple made from taro root), lomi lomi salmon (a salad made with salted salmon, tomatoes, and onions), haupia (a coconut milk-based dessert), and a variety of fresh tropical fruits. Other popular dishes may include laulau (meat or fish wrapped in taro or luau leaves and cooked in the imu), chicken long rice, and various seafood dishes.

Hula Dance at Hawaiian Luau

What Happens at a Luau?

Entertainment is a significant part of a luau. It often includes hula dancing, which is a traditional Hawaiian dance form accompanied by live music played on instruments like ukulele, guitar, and drums. The dancers tell stories and legends through their movements, and guests are often invited to participate or learn basic hula steps.

Luau attendees may also have the opportunity to try their hand at other cultural activities, such as lei-making (creating floral necklaces), learning to play traditional Hawaiian games, or getting temporary Polynesian-style tattoos.

Fire Dancer at a Hawaiian Luau

Where Can You Experience Luaus on Oahu?

All around Oahu, there are many places where you can find authentic luau experiences with complete Hawaiian feasts, hula dancing, and all the other traditional fare.

One such spot is at the Polynesian Cultural Center on the northeast side of Oahu. The luaus at the here go beyond the typical feast and entertainment, offering a comprehensive exploration of Polynesian traditions and customs. Guests can indulge in a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet, featuring an array of authentic dishes from various Polynesian islands.

A little closer to Marina Hawaii’s home near Honolulu, you can also find fun luaus at Paradise Cove Luau on Oahu’s eastern shore. Paradise Cove offers a gorgeous beachfront setting and a traditional luau experience you won’t forget. Here you can enjoy a Hawaiian feast, participate in cultural activities like lei-making and hula lessons, and watch a Polynesian revue featuring music, hula, and fire knife dancing. All the perfect elements for a wonderful Hawaiian celebration during your vacation.

Local Luau Tip

Plan ahead and leave well in advance of your luau’s start time so that you can beat the traffic. Depending on the day and time, there can be heavy traffic when trying to get out of Honolulu. Drive time from Waikiki to Paradise Cove can vary from as little as 40 minutes around noon to nearly two hours in the late afternoon or evening. The best option is to plan your day so that you’re close-by to your luau destination well before heavy traffic starts up.


Overall, a luau is a festive and vibrant celebration that showcases the rich culture, music, dance, and cuisine of Hawaii. They allow you to immerse yourself in the spirit of the Hawaiian islands’ rich culture, providing a one-of-a-kind experience that will stick in your mind for years to come.

Check out our other blog posts to learn more about Hawaiian culture and things to do on Oahu. When you’re ready to book your dream island vacation, browse our Waikiki vacation rentals and reserve your stay today!

Honolulu has a vibrant arts and culture scene, with numerous museums and galleries to explore. Whether you’re interested in learning about Hawaii’s rich history or  immersing yourself in incredible artwork from across the globe, there’s a museum in Honolulu that will show you exactly what you’d like to see.

Read on to discover some of our favorite museums that you need to visit on your Honolulu vacation.

1) Honolulu Museum of Art

The Honolulu Museum of Art (HoMA) is an organization dedicated to the study and preservation of all types of Hawaiian art. HoMA’s permanent collection of ancient and contemporary art contains over 50,000 pieces spanning 5,000 years. In addition to Hawaiian art, the museum holds pieces from Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa, and other parts of the Pacific.

HoMA is open from 10 AM – 6 PM on Thursday and Sunday, and it’s open from 10 AM – 9 PM on Friday and Saturday. Admission for adults is $20, and children 18 and under can enter for free.

Honolulu Bishop Museum

2) Bishop Museum

Experience the breadth of Hawaii’s rich natural and cultural history at the Bishop Museum. The museum houses the largest collection of Hawaiian and Pacific cultural artifacts and natural history specimens in the world. Amongst this collection are a wide variety of ancient Hawaiian weapons and tools, traditional clothing, and contemporary art.

The Bishop Museum is open daily from 9 AM – 5 PM, and admission costs vary depending on your age and the day you visit. Visit the Tickets page on the Bishop Museum website to learn more about ticket prices.

3) Shangri La

Shangri La is a standalone museum of Islamic art and culture, the only one in the US. This museum was originally built in 1937 as the Honolulu home of Doris Duke, and it was inspired by here extensive travels through regions of Africa and South Asia. Shangri La contains a vast collection of Islamic art pieces such as textiles, ceramics, jewelry, and more.

You can reserve tours of Shangri La via the Honolulu Museum of Art, as individual access to the museum is prohibited. Tour reservations grant you 75 minutes of exploration through Shangri La with controlled access to the grounds, and you will receive automatic admission to HoMA as well.

Hawaii State Art Museum

4) Hawaii State Art Museum

The Hawaii State Art Museum (HiSAM) is a great place for art lovers to visit. The museum’s collection includes a wide range of artwork, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and textiles created by Hawaiian artists, as well as pieces from international artists. Visitors can expect to see a mix of traditional and contemporary art that showcases the unique cultural identity of Hawaii. HiSAM hosts some of the very best works of contemporary art from across the entire state of Hawaii, and admission to the museum is free!

Check out HiSAM any time between 10 AM – 4 PM, Monday – Saturday. The museum also offers guided tours by appointment, and visitors can explore the galleries on their own or participate in educational programs and special events.

5) U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii

The U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii is an excellent place to visit for anyone interested in military history or wanting to learn more about the role of the US Army in the Pacific region. Plus, it’s only a short walk away from many of our Waikiki vacation rentals. The museum’s collection spans over two centuries of Army history and includes exhibits and artifacts from conflicts such as World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Visitors can expect to see a variety of displays, including uniforms, weapons, photographs, and personal memorabilia from soldiers who served in Hawaii and throughout the Pacific.

The hours of operation for the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii are from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9 AM – 5 PM. Admission is free, and guided tours are available for groups of ten or more with advance notice.

6) The ARTS at Marks Garage

ARTS at Marks Garage is a community arts center located in the heart of Honolulu’s Chinatown. The center provides a platform for local artists to showcase their work and engage with the community through a variety of art forms, including visual arts, theater, music, and dance. Visitors can expect to see a diverse range of exhibits, performances, and events that reflect the cultural identity and creativity of Hawaii’s artists.

The center’s hours of operation vary depending on the events and exhibitions, but it is generally open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Admission is typically free, but some events may require a ticket or donation


Each of these museums have something different to offer. Let us know if you’ve visited any of them and what you enjoyed! For your visit to Waikiki in Honolulu, make sure to book a vacation rental with Marina Hawaii Vacations.

8 Adventurous Oahu Tours and Excursions that Will Give You a Complete Hawaiian Experience

Oahu is a big place with an almost overwhelming collection of incredible things to do and places to see. There’s so much to do that it’s almost impossible to get a complete Hawaiian experience in just one visit to the island. The keyword there is “almost” though, as there are a handful of Oahu tours that can grant you a complete and unforgettable adventure here.

So, if you’re looking to maximize your vacation itinerary, then be sure to sign up for these incredible Oahu tours. Also, be sure to book a luxurious home base in one of our vacation rentals here in Waikiki.

1) Oahu Circle Island Driving Tour

A staple tour on Oahu that’s offered by several outfitters is a driving excursion around the island – well, half of it. These kinds of tours are perfect for kicking off your vacation since they literally take you to all the major highlights across Oahu. It’s a full day of sightseeing and learning about Oahu from exceptional driving tour guides that will leave you excited to explore more of the island’s scenery, history and culture in depth.

As mentioned, there are many tour outfitters that offer circle island tours. Most tours are 7+ hours long, follow the same driving route, hit many similar spots, and include stops for lunch. One highly rated outfitter that we’d recommend is Go Tours Hawaii. They have two 8-hour options for Circle Island tours that each cost $140 per person, but feature slightly different stops. One option stops at the Waimea Botanical Gardens & Waterfall, and the other stops at the Byodo-In Temple

2) Oahu Horseback Riding Tour

A horseback ride may not be the first thing you think of when considering tours in Oahu, but trust us when we say horseback tours are some of the most fun activities on the island. There’s nothing quite like saddling up and heading out to explore the majestic tropical mountain trails on Oahu. Not only is riding a horse just fun in general, but it’s even more of a thrill when you have Oahu’s breathtaking scenery to admire from atop your noble steed.

There are exceptional horseback-riding areas across the island, and any one of them will leave you with big smiles and a camera packed to the brim with great photos. Among our favorite riding spots is the famous Kualoa Ranch near Oahu’s eastern shore. Here you’ll ride through beautiful forests and the incredible Ka’a’awa Valley, where much of Jurassic Park was shot.

You can find a couple more of our recommended tour outfitters as well as tips for your ride on our Oahu Horseback Riding blog.

3) Oahu Zipline Tour

After the relaxed days of driving and horseback tours, you’ll need something to get your adrenaline up and blood pumping. Enter Oahu’s thrilling zipline tours, where you can soar across towering mountains and over lush tropical canopies like a bird in the sky.

Of Oahu’s several ziplining courses, the most popular tour is with CLIMB Works in Keana Farms on the North Shore. This tour is 3-hours long and includes 8 side-by-side zipline runs, including Oahu’s longest zipline that’s nearly half a mile long. But that’s not all! In addition to the ziplines you’ll get an ATV ride to the top of the course, take on 2 rappels, and cross 3 sky bridges. All this while soaking in panoramic views and learning Hawaiian history from your guides.

Alternatively, you can head over to Kualoa Ranch (same place as the horseback tours) for their thrilling Jurassic Valley Zipline tour. Although some of the runs here are a little shorter than those at CLIMB Works, they still offer fast rides with great views across the 3-hour tour.

4) Oahu Snorkel or Scuba Diving Tours

Half of the magic at Oahu lies under the ocean surface. If you’ve never tried snorkeling or scuba diving before, then Oahu is an excellent place to try it out. The waters here host abundant marine life, colorful coral reefs, and some fascinating wrecks to explore. Visibility underwater is also superb, and the water temperature hovers in the pleasant upper 70s to mid-80s range.

One of the most popular sites for diving and snorkeling is Shark’s Cove on the North Shore. Shark’s Cove is a shore-entry dive that features enchanting volcanic topography as well as plenty of exciting marine life. Despite its name, there aren’t often sharks here, but you can see plenty of colorful reef fish, eels, rays, and octopuses.

Another great site that doubles well for both snorkeling and scuba diving is Turtle Canyon. Unlike with Shark’s Cove, this site does live up to its turtle-y name, and you’re likely to see more sharks here too! In addition to sea turtles, you can also find octopuses, eels, dolphins, and whitetip reef sharks. All that, plus Turtle Canyon is just a short boat ride from our vacation rentals in Waikiki!

We recommend Rainbow Scuba Hawaii for booking dive/snorkel tours or taking scuba lessons in Oahu. You can find more information regarding local dive sites on their website, or on this PADI article of the 9 best dive sites in Oahu.

5) Oahu Boat Cruise Tours

The adventure doesn’t stop once you’re back above water. There are a ton of non-snorkel or dive boat cruise tours around Oahu that are well worth your time too. You’ll definitely want to hop aboard at least one boating excursion during your stay.

If you’ve never gone whale-watching before, then Oahu is a fabulous place to try it for the first time. From December to May, humpback whales come to Hawaii to breed and give birth to their calves. Unforgettable moments like the one pictured above will feel absolutely… well, unforgettable! Two great outfitters near Waikiki that offer whale-watching tours are And You Creations and Captain Max Boat Tours.

Another type of boat excursion that’s worth considering is an Oahu sunset cruise. It’s even more majestic than it sounds to take in a glorious Oahu sunset from the open-air deck of a luxurious vessel. And there’s often more than just the beautiful scenery to enjoy as many of these Oahu sunset cruises include either cocktails, a fine dinner or both. Majestic by Atlantic Cruises offers a wonderful cocktail sunset cruise, and Star of Honolulu provides a selection of great sunset dinner cruise options.

6) Oahu Helicopter Tours

Once you’ve earned your sea legs out on a snorkel trip and boating excursion, it’s time to take to the skies to earn your wings on a helicopter tour. Now, we’ve mentioned how every view on Oahu is straight-up magnificent, but the island’s scenery viewed from the air is utterly breathtaking in its beauty.

When it comes to helicopter tours on Oahu, the go-to outfitters are Rainbow Helicopters and Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. Both tour companies provide unparalleled air tours across vast stretches of Oahu. Tours with both companies last between 30 minutes and just over an hour depending on the package you purchase.

If we had to pick favorites, we’d go with Rainbow Helicopters since they specialize in Oahu tours exclusively. They also offer a few more options, including a spectacular Waikiki Sunset tour.

7) Oahu History Tours

In addition to it’s outstanding natural beauty, Oahu is rich in both US and Native Hawaiian history. After the thrills of soaring through the clouds above incredibly lush mountains and valleys, it’s a great change of pace to slow down and soak in the island’s history.

Of course, one of the most (in)famous historic sites on Oahu is Pearl Harbor. On December 7, 1941, the Empire of Japan bombed the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. The attack resulted in the deaths of 2,403 personnel and left 19 US Navy ships damaged or destroyed. Today you can explore the Pearl Harbor National Memorial on your own or on a guided tour with outfitters like Pearl Harbor Tours and E Noa Tours.

Another iconic historic site on Oahu with even more rich history is the ‘Iolani Palace in downtown Honolulu. Completed in 1872, the ‘Iolani Palace housed the final two Native Hawaiian monarchs. King Kalākaua and his sister and successor, Queen Liliʻuokalani, ruled from this palace until their monarchy was overthrown by the Committee of Safety in 1893. Now, the palace has been restored to its original grandeur, and the palace offers a variety of fascinating historic tours on the grounds.

8) Oahu Luau Experiences

Last but not least on the list of must-do tours and excursions on Oahu is to experience a Hawaiian luau. In case you’re unfamiliar, a luau is a traditional Hawaiian festivity that includes a feast, traditional music and dancing, and cultural performances from Hawaii and greater Polynesia. In other words, you can’t get a more authentically Hawaiian experience than attending a luau on Oahu.

If you’re looking for the absolute best of the best luau experiences, then you have to go to the Polynesian Cultural Center on the North Shore of Oahu. Consistently ranked as one of the top attractions in Hawaii on TripAdvisor, a luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center offers everything one could ask for in an authentic and thrilling Hawaiian experience.

Alternatively, you can find other exceptional and more low-key luaus closer to Honolulu at Paradise Cove and Ka Moana Luau. Whichever option you go with, you’ll experience one of the most fun and enchanting traditional parties in all of the world. A perfect end for your complete Oahu vacation.


Those are the 8 tours you need to take to fulfill the ultimate Hawaiian adventure on Oahu. To find even more fantastic things to do during your Oahu vacation, check out our other blogs and our Nearby Attractions page.

Finally, make sure you have the best accommodations for your visit by booking a Waikiki vacation rental with us at Marina Hawaii Vacations!

When visiting Waikiki, it’s tremendous fun to experience locally produced foods and goods. Just outside of Waikiki there are three weekly farmers markets (“Open” or “Peoples” Markets as the locals say) that you can browse and shop at. Each market is located in a separate spot and they all open on different days, so read on to learn more about what each one has to offer.

1. Honolulu Farmers Market

With over 30 vendors with products ranging from coffee to boba tea to dog treats, there’s an incredible variety of thing to check out at the Honolulu Farmers Market sponsored by the Hawaii Farm Bureau. Not only is everything found at this farmers market exciting and delicious (minus the dog treats for people), but many of the vendors have superbly charming names to match the appeal of their products. Sweet Revenge, for example, is a vendor that bakes delicious homemade pies from seasonal, locally sourced fruits and vegetables.

Check out the Honolulu Farmers Market website to see more vendors from this delightful market!

2. KCC Farmers Market

KCC Farmers Market won the KITV4 Best of Hawaii competition for both 2020 and 2021. With over 75 vendors stocking this massive market, it’s easy to see why. You’ll see a lot of familiar faces and displays here as you would at the Honolulu Farmers Market, but also just a ton more options to explore and delicious places to eat at. One great item that’s sold by several different vendors is honey! As many as five separate vendors have this golden goo available for purchase along with jams and jellies made from local fruits. There’s also more than just edible products at KCC, as you can find locally produced skin care products such as sunscreens and lotions at a few booths.

Check out the KCC Farmers Market website to browse all the vendors and discover why this market has earned its many awards!

Hawaiian Hula Dance

3. FarmLovers Markets

Last up for our farmers markets near Waikiki are the several markets put on by FarmLovers Markets. That name really does ring true as FarmLovers puts on four separate markets across Oahu, and they take place at different times of the week. Two of their markets, Kaka’ako and Pearlridge, each take place on Saturday from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Their Kailua Town Farmers Market takes place at the same time, but on Sundays. Finally, their Hale’iwa Farmers Market takes place on Thursdays from 2:00 – 6:00 PM. In addition to their vendors, which are similar to the Honolulu and KCC markets, all the FarmLovers Markets put on specialty events such as the June Coffee & Cacao Festival, or the Hula Fundraiser in December. Be sure to keep an eye on their news page so you can visit on one of those exciting event days.

Check out the FarmLovers Market website to learn more about each market as well as stay up-to-date on their news and blogs.

And that’s it for our recommendations of three great farmers markets near Waikiki to check out during your Oahu vacation! Be sure to check out the website for each farmers market to find out which one is best for your shopping needs. Then, go out at have fun mingling and shopping with the welcoming local community!

Finally, book your trip to Oahu with Marina Hawaii Vacations to ensure that you have the best accommodations for your Hawaii vacation. Check out our Accommodations page to find the ideal place to stay for your visit!