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Top 5 Municipal Golf Courses on Oahu

Author 07-11-2016


There are several famous golf courses on Oahu, including the pristine greens of Ko Olina and Turtle Bay, as well as the historic Moanalua Golf Course, the challenging Koolau Golf Course, and the elite home to the Sony Open, Waialae Country Club. President Obama even has his favorite courses on the island, usually visiting them during his annual Christmas vacation.

Many of these courses are pricy for a reason—they are beautiful, well-kept, and world-renowned. If golfing at one of the more elite courses on Oahu is your dream, we recommend splurging on the golf and skipping the resort fees of lodging on property (one of the many benefits of staying at our beachfront vacation rental condos—you get all the views and none of the resort fees).


For those who prefer not to spend big sums on their day of golf, we have put together a list of lesser-known municipal courses. These are our top picks where you might find regulars and locals at the intersection of affordability, quality, and appearance. Whether you’re golfing at Turtle Bay or a municipal course, just remember: you will be golfing in paradise either way!


1. The Pali Golf Course

The Pali Golf Course is a public course located on the Windward side of Oahu in Kaneohe at the foot of the Koolau Mountains. Keep in mind that the Windward side of the island is aptly named; you could be in for a windy challenge on the fairways, but this is true of many of the courses on the island due to frequent trade winds and ocean breezes. If you’re a fan of the lush windward atmosphere, and want to fit in a very affordable

day of golf, look no further. Visit for more information.


2. Ala Wai Golf Course

This public course designed by Donald MacKay is your go-to for an affordable, straightforward day of golf conveniently located on the edge of Waikiki. This accessible, flat course keeps your day simple and stress-free. With views of Waikiki, the Ala Wai Canal, Diamond Head and the Koolau mountains, you will retain the feeling of golfing in paradise while also enjoying lower fees. Visit for rates and information.


3. Ewa Villages Golf Course

This course located on the Leeward side of the island in Ewa Beach is a good choice if you’re looking for long and challenging fairways, and if you are ready to try something a little different. This course is convenient for those looking to walk-on, and if you happen to be staying on the leeward side of the island.

Visit for more information.


4. The Ted Makalena Golf Course

The Ted Makalena Golf Course located near Pearl Harbor is one of the most liked public courses on Oahu. Relatively flat and removed from the hubbub of Waikiki, it is accessible for all skill levels, and preferred by many locals. As a bonus, you can see some of the historic Pearl Harbor ghost fleet of ships on your way into the course. Visit for more information.


5. Kahuku Golf Course

If you want to golf on the famed North Shore without paying the Turtle Bay fees, this is the course for you. Located in charming Kahuku, it boasts world-class views of the Pacific with a very reasonable price tag. If you can brave port-a-potties and manage walking the 9-hole course with a pull-kart, this ocean-side course is definitely worth your while. You’ll get your exercise while enjoying views of one of the most beautiful shorelines in the world. Visit for more information


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