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Zip Lining at Climb Works Keana Farms

Author 02-04-2016

Zip Lining at Climb Works Keana Farms

                If you’re searching for an exhilarating way to spend a day on Oahu while taking in some of the best views on the island, look no further! Climb Works at Keana Farms offers a 3-hour zip lining adventure that will have you fully engaged and wishing for more at the end of the tour.


                For first-time zip liners like myself, or those who have zipped their way all over the world (like my friend who accompanied me and has been zip lining in Costa Rica, California, and New Zealand), this tour is perfect! Keana Farms is located in Kahuku, on the North Shore. On the way there, we stopped at the famous Giovanni’s shrimp truck for some succulent shrimp covered in buttery, garlicky, goodness. Giovanni’s and several other food trucks selling smoothies, health food, barbecue, Mexican food, and more, are just across the road from Keana Farms.


                We rolled into Keana Farms (it’s a good idea to rent a car for this excursion as the bus trip is a bit long up to the North Shore; shuttles are also available from Waikiki for $30 round-trip per person) 30 minutes before our tour started. The registration and gear area is a simple, clean, wooden building that fits right into the landscape of the large farm. The friendly staff soon had us riding to the zip lining course along a muddy path in a big ATV—that exciting ride alone was worth the trip!


                The tour features 8 zip lines, including one the length of a football field as well as a racing zipline. You can even ride backwards on one, and upside-down on another. Along the way, you’ll cross sky bridges, brave the challenge of a couple of safe rappels, and hear fun stories and a bit of Hawaiian cultural and agricultural history from the charismatic tour guides. Since the course is set on the farm, you even get to try fresh produce samples—we tried tomatoes, apple bananas, and cracked our own macadamia nuts.


                This zip lining tour is unforgettable as are the views of the North Shore, where many films and TV shows have been filmed. After the tour, we headed over to Kahuku Superette for the best ahi poke on the island (in my humble opinion), and then we took a short drive up to Turtle Bay to watch the sun set—one of my favorite days yet on Oahu! For more information about zip lining at Keana Farms, please visit:


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