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Saddle Up For Horseback Riding On Oahu

Author 04-27-2022

The sounds of the waves lapping the shores and the squeak of worn leather fill the air in perfect harmony when you go horseback riding on Oahu. As your horse carefully picks its way through the Oahu trails, you’ll reach the beach opening and find yourself entranced by the water. At this moment you’ll realize what they mean when they say, “Life is better when seen between a horse’s ears.”

When you stay with Marina Hawaii Vacations in our vacation rentals in Honolulu Hawaii, this image becomes a reality with a horseback ride through the island.

Woman Riding Horse In Hawaii

Finding The Right Horseback Riding Trails

Whether you are a seasoned rider or this is your first time out, there are multiple stable organizations on the island that have access to varying levels of trails.

For a laid-back walking tour through some of Oahu’s most beautiful landscapes, visit Kualoa Private Nature Reserve. On the far north end of the island, you can discover a horseback riding experience for everyone. From fast-paced advanced rides to couples rides to explore with your honey, any rider can find the ideal adventure at Gunstock Ranch. One of the best horseback riding experiences you can have on our beautiful island is with Hawaii Polo Trail Rides. These oceanfront trail rides will take your breath away before your horse’s hooves hit the sand. You can head out with a group, book a private ride, or even book a lesson on polo.

These and many other stables are a fantastic way to see Oahu from every corner and experience the joy of getting in the saddle.

A Few Tips To The Best Ride On Oahu

Horseback riding is a pastime that not many people get to experience; here you have the opportunity to climb into the saddle as well as explore our beautiful island all in one. Though this may be a magical moment you will never forget, there are a few things to keep in mind when you set out for your ride.

1.) Wear the appropriate apparel

It may be a warm, tropical climate on Oahu; however, it is essential to wear two key clothing items for an optimal experience. Boots with a heel are preferred, as this will keep your feet where they need to be in the saddle and prevent your feet from slipping in the stirrups. Long pants or jeans are also recommended to keep you from getting pinched by the fenders of the saddle and keep your legs protected through wooded areas.

2.) Stay relaxed

The majority of horses used in programs like this are calm and used to trail riding. That said, any horse can be easily spooked. When you’re standing around the horses or out riding, try not to make loud noises or sudden fast movements. If you act calm and cool, then the horse will follow suit.

3.) Posture

Most riding facilities can give you a quick crash-course on safe riding posture. Essentially, the best way is to sit up tall and keep your legs slightly in front of you with your heels down. This will prevent you from leaning forward, and it will improve your balance.

A Marina Hawaii Equine Adventure

For the ultimate equine adventure while staying at Marina Hawaii Vacations, book a stay in one of our beautiful vacation rentals in Waikiki and check out one of the many surrounding trail ride opportunities. Saddle up and head out for a unique adventure! There is no better way to experience our beautiful island than from the back of a horse.

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