5 Oahu Coworking Spaces Where You Can Work with Ease

5 Oahu Coworking Spaces Where You Can Work with Ease

Author 06-08-2023

Check Out These Coworking Spaces for Working Remote in Oahu

Need to get some things done on your Oahu vacation, but don’t want to work from your condo rental? No problem! Oahu has many great coworking spaces for you to get your remote work done. For a small fee, gain access to an office environment alongside other working professionals right here on Oahu. In addition to remote-work essentials such as desks, printers and high-speed Wi-Fi, many of these Oahu coworking spaces come with desirable amenities to make your workday as comfortable as possible.

Without further adieu, here are the five best coworking spaces on Oahu.

Young Professionals at a Coworking Space in Oahu

The Box Jelly

Located in the Kaka’ako district just a few minutes drive from Waikiki, The Box Jelly is one of the finest coworking spaces in Honolulu. They have a variety of great working spaces, fast wireless internet, and plenty of amenities such as a coffee station and kitchen area. The Box Jelly also has lovely outdoor spaces for you to work from or simply enjoy the Hawaiian views.

You can pay daily rates to work from The Box Jelly, or you can apply for a membership if you’re in Oahu for an extended stay. Check out their pass and membership options here.

Young Woman Using Laptop for Remote Work at Oahu Coworking Space

Hub Coworking Hawaii

Hub Coworking Hawaii has two locations: one in the Kaka’ako district, and one at Waikiki in the International Marketplace close-by Marina Hawaii. Either location offers great working spaces and amenities for you to utilize for remote work. Depending on your budget or work needs, you can either work in the community work spaces or reserve dedicated desks and offices.

To work at Hub Coworking Hawaii, you need to purchase a minimum of a two-day pass. There are also several membership options if you’re planning an extended stay. These prices will vary depending on the location you choose, so be sure to read through their pricing options here.

Group of Professionals Using a Coworking Space Conference Room

Tidepools @ CPB

Tidepools @ CPB is a fantastic little coworking space at a bank that won’t break the bank because it’s FREE! Although this working space doesn’t offer much in the way of amenities, Tidepools provides office space and Wi-Fi for guests to use at no cost. Simply head to the Tidepools page on the CPB website, select the office space you’d like to reserve and how long you’ll need it, and then you’re good to go.

Young Professionals Working in an Open Coworking Space

Treehouse Coworking

With locations in Kahala and Kailua, Treehouse Coworking provides a private office environment designed for productivity and a healthy lifestyle. Not only do they offer private rooms and conference rooms for meetings, they have outdoor spaces with comfy lawn chairs and a soothing pond that’s equally great for working and networking!

Although you can book a free day pass to check out either Treehouse location, this coworking organization exclusively operates through memberships. If you’re staying on Oahu long enough to make use of a monthly membership, then contact Treehouse Coworking here to see membership options and/or book a tour with their friendly staff.

Two Professional Women Networking at a Coworking Space

Waku/Work Coworking Office

Located in Downtown Honolulu, Waku/Work Coworking Office offers 2 locations to support independent, freelance, creators and professionals looking for a low-cost, high-quality office in the city center. They have well-lit offices and working spaces with minimalist designs along with free coffee and access to a kitchenette for guests.

Waku/Work is another great option for anyone visiting Oahu who needs a working space one or a few days. You can purchase a day pass here for $25 per day plus tax by visiting their website.


Those are our picks for the best coworking spaces nearby Marina Hawaii Vacations in Waikiki. If you need to work remotely during your stay at Waikiki and prefer not to work out of your vacation rental, then any one of the spaces listed above will serve as a great place to set up shop for a few days or more.

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