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Many visitors that set out on adventures to Oahu enjoy Honolulu hikes and search for the perfect spots on the beach. However, when you stay with Marina Hawaii Vacations, you can enjoy some of the most interesting natural features of our beautiful island home. Embark on one of the best Hawaii vacations for discovering the birds of Oahu and gorgeous Hawaiian vegetation!

Birds of Oahu

All around the island, there are spectacular places to view the birds of Oahu for a bird watching adventure you cannot find anywhere else. With a mix of vibrantly colored species that will catch your eyes among the green foliage to sea birds diving into the ocean waters to scoop up an unsuspecting fish, there are plenty of birding opportunities to discover. Grab your binoculars, camera, and perhaps a sketchbook to capture these beauties on your Hawaii vacation. Many nature tours can take you to some of the most abundant areas on the island like the mountains above Waikiki and Oahu’s northern shores. You can also embark on your own birding adventure during hikes through places like ‘Aiea Loop Trail and James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge. You will find birds like the albatross, Hawaiian ducks (kōloa), Hawaiian owls (pueo), along with many other species.

Hawaiian Vegetation

The best Hawaii vacations often depict pictures of tropical flowers blooming in vibrant pinks and oranges accompanied by broad-leafed plants. They aren’t far off. When you stay at Marina Hawaii Vacations, you will notice all of the island’s tropical plant life coloring our paradise like a living painting as you travel through Oahu. Some of Hawaii’s most popular flowers are the Hawaiian orchid, Haleconia, Birds of Paradise, Plumeria Lei flowers, the vibrant Hibiscus, and many others that can easily be spotted. One of the most unusual of Hawaiian vegetation is the Silversword. Resembling a sea anemone, this prickly looking plant and many others species of Hawaiian vegetation thrive on the island due to the mixture of year-round warm seasons and the nourishment in the soil from volcanic ash. Discover the towering Beachfruit Trees, coffee plants, and all of the other intriguing plant life that help our island flourish.

Your Hawaii Vacation

Whether you are a nature enthusiast that enjoys learning about the flora and fauna of new places or simply enjoy viewing colorful blooms and lively birds on your adventures, Oahu has an abundance of incredible nature viewing opportunities. When you stay with us at Marina Hawaii Vacations, keep your eyes peeled as you explore. When you are on one of the best Hawaii vacations on Oahu, there is no telling what you’ll spot. Come and discover the fascinating nature that Hawaii holds so near and dear to our hearts for an island adventure you will never forget.