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Best kept secret in Hawaii – Oahu island

Author 05-01-2015

Best kept secret in Hawaii - Oahu island

Whether you are going to Oahu for the first time or have been coming here for many years, this is the best kept secret on the island. Located on the east side of beautiful island Oahu, Waimanalo Beach is one of my favorite beaches to visit. As you all might know, this island is small and it only takes about 30-minutes driving from Waikiki to get to this destination.

I go to Waimanalo beach almost every weekend to just relax and get away from my regular weekday routine. You won’t see too many tourists at this place, but you will see a lot of locals who live in the area or just enjoying their weekend journey. The water is a beautiful light blue and the sand is fine and white most of the time.

Waimanalo Beach is located in the east side of Island of Oahu and about 30-minutes driving distance from Waikiki. If you are driving, you can hop on H-1 East from Waikiki and continue to go straight and you will see these beautiful beaches on your right side. You can also search “Waimanalo Beach Park” on the google maps and they will give you the guide to get there.

“You might think this beach is little far, but trust me for great scenery and relaxing time…..”

– Masahiro Atsumi

Maintenance Assistant