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Honolulu Festival

Author 02-23-2016

Honolulu Festival
If you have ever been to Hawaii, you know that the term “local” is often used more than the term “Hawaiian.” Perhaps this is because Hawaii is such a wonderful mixture of many different cultures. The 22nd Annual Honolulu Festival celebrates the culmination of these cultures, from Hawaii to Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Australia, America, and more.
The festival spans the weekend of March 11-13, and will feature art, crafts, dance, and more from these various cultures. The events are all free to attend, and they are located throughout Honolulu. Favorite events include the Craft fair, which features over 100 booths exhibiting unique crafts from all over the Pacific; you can even make your own crafts. The festival concludes with a grand parade down Kalakaua Ave, starting at Saratoga Road. Miss Hawaii and the Cherry Blossom and Narcissus Queens will accompany outstanding floats, bands, and dancers. The parade ends with a fabulous fireworks show and party at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa (fireworks will be visible from all over Waikiki).
According to the Honolulu Festival’s website, their theme this year is, “’Pacific Harmony,’ [which] reflects the Foundation’s vision to share the many cultures of the Pacific region with the people of Hawaii and those visiting from all over the world. We hope to deepen the friendship with them and contribute to world peace.” If you’re looking to add an authentic, “local” experience to your vacation this year, this is the festival for you!

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