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10 Surprising Facts about Oahu

Author 08-15-2016

Most people know Oahu as the home of Duke Kahanamoku,
President Obama, Michelle Wie, Jack Johnson, and more. Honolulu, Waikiki, and
the North Shore are famous for their vibrant culture and beautiful sites, and
Oahu is of course well known as the home of Pearl Harbor.

However, the island has a densely rich history, and
continues to grow into one of the most dynamic and interesting places to live
and visit. We wanted to share some of our favorite, lesser-known facts about
the island that might surprise some readers:


1. Honolulu is not only the capital of Hawaii, but also the
largest city in the world. A part of the state’s constitution dictates that any
island, islet, or atoll that has not been designated to another county
automatically falls under Honolulu’s umbrella.


2. The record low temperature ever recorded in Honolulu was
a whopping 52 degrees.


3. The only Royal Palace in the United States, Iolani
Palace, is located on Oahu. It had electricity before the White House did, and
was the first palace in the world to have flushing toilets.


4. What is now beautiful Waikiki was once a swampy area full
of rice paddies, taro fields, and mosquitoes. Once the Ala Wai Canal was
constructed in 1928, the marshland was drained.


5. Despite being full of life and tourism, Oahu is actually
one of the most remote locations in the world. The Hawaiian Islands as a whole
are considered the most remote chain of inhabited islands in the world, with
the nearest population center (California) located over 2,000 miles away.


6. While Oahu has many farms full of delicious tropical
fruit and lush greenery, the island relies very heavily on imports, even when
it comes to produce. Some experts estimate that the islands would be out of
luck within a week or two, if for some reason (such as an extreme natural
disaster) imports ceased.


7. Daylight savings is not used in Hawaii, so for part of
the year Hawaii Standard Time is two hours behind Pacific Standard Time, and
the rest of the year, it is three hours behind.


8. One of the most expensive homes for sale in Hawaii is
located on Oahu in Kailua, priced at $22.8 million.


9. It is illegal in Honolulu to annoy a bird. On a more
normal note, billboards are also outlawed, keeping the scenery natural and the
views unobstructed.


10. Oahu hosts more visitors every year than all of the
other Hawaiian islands combined, and now you know a few of the fun reasons why.
It is no coincidence that “Oahu” means “the gathering place.”


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Susie Bowman