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Discover What Is Beneath The Waves

Author 05-04-2018

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The ocean seems to have always been a place of wonder and mystery. With only a percentage of it being explored, there are still many of its secrets waiting to be uncovered. Discover what the waters off the shores of Honolulu Hawaii hold when you stay with us here at Marina Hawaii Vacations.

Take A Dive

One of the most best ways to explore off the shores of Oahu and peering below the surface is to gear up and take a dive. Scuba diving is a favorite activity in many areas of the world as it allows you to get up close to sea life and experience areas of the world that most only get to see in aquariums. You can find companies like Island Divers Hawaii that will take you through a course on diving safety and bring you out to incredible places to explore. You can find intriguing fish like the blue-striped snapper, ladyfish, unicorn fish, and many more.

Be A Little Daring          

If you live for the thrills and excitement of adventures like facing rows of teeth from a cage, then there is one excursion you may love. Shark Tank Scuba offers a thrilling experience that will take you into the depths with the ever ominous shark. Find yourself within inches of these massive carnivores of the sea with the only professional shark diving crew in Oahu.

Discover And Learn

If you prefer to stay on land but still want to learn about the Hawaiian Islands and its underwater inhabitants, the Waikiki Aquarium is the perfect place to explore. Take a stroll through the exhibits and peer through the waters from dry land as our finned friends gracefully swim by.

All of these activities can be found within a short distance of our Honolulu Hawaii rentals. Uncover the beauty and wonder that lies beyond Waikiki Beach and meet our sea-dwelling neighbors first-hand. Stay in one of our Marina Hawaii Vacations rentals and get ready to make some waves!