Kickin Kajun – The Best Crawfish joint in Hawaii

Author 06-10-2015

Kickin Kajun - The Best Crawfish joint in Hawaii

Kickin Kajun – the Best Crawfish joint in Hawaii on 1518 Makaloa Street across from the Keeaumoku Walmart.

I had the pleasure of coming to Kickin Kajun again this weekend with a few of my friends, as we were craving lobster, fresh oyster, shrimps, and of course their yummy breadsticks.

We know to get there early to beat their long wait line – this place is super popular now. With good reason, but it’s so crowded I want them to open a bigger restaurant already!

We already knew whatever we had we would get spicy Cajun sauce mix.

The last time I went I ordered the lobster and then I tried everyone else’s dishes, like the shrimp, crawfish, oysters (with Japanese ponzu sauce), Cajun fries, salt and pepper shrimp, and their sausage.

Shrimps are $12.99/lb, Crabs are $17.99/lb and lobsters are $25. They also have crawfish for $11.99, oysters for $25 and clams for $12.99 I believe. Combo #2: a pound of crawfish, shrimp, clams & one big lobster for $50! It also comes with rice and some sausages. If you like hot/spicy, you can try ghost chili sauce with the heat ranging from 5 x to 100 for $2.

No matter what you get it’s going to be awesome. I am an avid regular to Kickin Kajun, and without fail, the food has been cooked perfectly every time. NOTHING was ever over cooked and/or rubbery and they’re definitely consistent on the taste of everything… or that was just me dipping everything in the sauce 5 times before eating it. Most things are priced per pound, but the lobster is priced per lobster, worth it though, they are huge! I also really liked the deep fried scallops with the fries. The scallops come out looking like they’re tator tots and when you bite into them they’re crisp on the outside but moist and soft on the inside and paired with their tartar sauce its perfect! You can substitute the regular fries for the sweet potato or Cajun fries, but the Cajun fries had a bit too much spice on them the first time I tried them and the regular fries aren’t bad at all.

This place is AMAZING and so AFFORDABLE! Come hungry, get there early, leave happy and stuffed. Warning the medium is still pretty spicy, but we love it! Leave some space for their Deep Fried Oreo’s with two scoops of vanilla ice cream.
The staff is very efficient and attentive; everything was worth the money. Oh yeah and this place is BYOB.