Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial

Author 05-27-2016

Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial

Anyone who has been to Oahu or read a US history book likely knows its significance at the outset of World War II. Many who vacation here make it a priority to visit the Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial, which sees over 1.8 million visitors every year. In fact, this memorial ranks number one for visitor destinations on all of Oahu. When compared with the vast 3,000 miles of ocean between Oahu and California, and 4,000 miles between Oahu and Japan, it is almost hard to believe that this small island could host such impactful and historic events. And yet, visitors come from every corner of the Earth to see our beautiful island, and this important memorial. The island is steeped in rich Hawaiian and US history, as well as the history of many Polynesian, Pacific Island, and Asian cultures. Pearl Harbor is a gem in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, which serves as an honorable, reverent, and humble host to so much history and cultural melding.

The Pearl Harbor Visitor center makes visits low-stress and simple to plan. The center is open every day from 7 am to 5 pm, almost every day of the year (closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day). With free parking and admission, and several modes of public transportation from Waikiki, there is no easier site to visit. Pearl Harbor runs several exciting events throughout the year, as well as flight school for children and summer camps for teens. Even a day visit will be memorable for the whole family. Please visit http://www.pearlharborhistoricsites.org/pearl-harbor/ to learn more and plan your trip.

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Susie Bowman