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The Hawaiian islands are some of the most magnificent places on Earth. With sparkling waters from the Pacific Ocean, gorgeous flora and fauna, and interesting spectacular mountain-top views across the island of Oahu, it is easy to see how these islands are at the top of many bucket lists. When you stay with us at Marina Hawaii Vacations, lace up your hiking boots and explore the best natural places on Oahu island.

Young Kids Hiking Easy Trail On Oahu In Hawaii

The Best Easy Hikes

Many who visit Hawaii are not avid hikers. Numerous trails are great for beginners to get out and take in the natural beauty of the island. The Diamond Head hike is a favorite due to its breathtaking views and easy-to-navigate trails. Many other paths, such as Manoa Falls, Pali Twin Falls, and Hanauma Bay Trail offer beautiful water views. Whether it’s waterfalls or views of the ocean, these hikes are sure to make any sea lover swoon.

As of May 12th, 2022 all out-of-state visitors must have an advanced reservation to enter Diamond Head State Monument. The reservation system will activate on April 28th, 2022 allowing for reservations to be made 14 days in advance. Click here to reserve.

For The Intermediate Hiker

If you love hiking but are not interested in extremely difficult trails, there are a large number of intermediate trails that would be perfect. Many of these trails will take you through a bit of wilderness to hidden gems that you can only reach by foot. Waterfalls, pools, and caves are waiting for you to discover them without too many dangerous terrains or challenging climbs.

Challenging Ridge Hike On Oahu In Hawaii

Taking It To The Extreme

Test your skills and stamina with hikes to the tops of beautiful summits and through harsh jungle trails. Pali To K1 is a perfect example of a trek that offers heart-stopping climbing opportunities, as well as challenging hiking terrain. One of the most exciting and hazardous hikes is the Kalihi Saddle. Make your way over an eroding, basalt ridge line and through overgrown areas to the top. Trails such as these are not for the faint at heart and require advance knowledge in climbing and hiking as well as the appropriate gear. Be aware of the trails that you are hiking as some may be labeled as illegal treks and stay aware of the difficulty of each trail you consider traversing.

The best way to take in the most beautiful areas of the island is with a hike. Whether it is a beginner hike along the shore or an advanced hike to the summit of one of our gorgeous mountains, it is well worth the trip. Stay with us at Marina Hawaii Vacations in Honolulu, Hawaii, for a comfortable place to return to and relax after a day of hiking.

The sounds of the waves lapping the shores and the squeak of worn leather fill the air in perfect harmony when you go horseback riding on Oahu. As your horse carefully picks its way through the Oahu trails, you’ll reach the beach opening and find yourself entranced by the water. At this moment you’ll realize what they mean when they say, “Life is better when seen between a horse’s ears.”

When you stay with Marina Hawaii Vacations in our vacation rentals in Honolulu Hawaii, this image becomes a reality with a horseback ride through the island.

Woman Riding Horse In Hawaii

Finding The Right Horseback Riding Trails

Whether you are a seasoned rider or this is your first time out, there are multiple stable organizations on the island that have access to varying levels of trails.

For a laid-back walking tour through some of Oahu’s most beautiful landscapes, visit Kualoa Private Nature Reserve. On the far north end of the island, you can discover a horseback riding experience for everyone. From fast-paced advanced rides to couples rides to explore with your honey, any rider can find the ideal adventure at Gunstock Ranch. One of the best horseback riding experiences you can have on our beautiful island is with Hawaii Polo Trail Rides. These oceanfront trail rides will take your breath away before your horse’s hooves hit the sand. You can head out with a group, book a private ride, or even book a lesson on polo.

These and many other stables are a fantastic way to see Oahu from every corner and experience the joy of getting in the saddle.

A Few Tips To The Best Ride On Oahu

Horseback riding is a pastime that not many people get to experience; here you have the opportunity to climb into the saddle as well as explore our beautiful island all in one. Though this may be a magical moment you will never forget, there are a few things to keep in mind when you set out for your ride.

1.) Wear the appropriate apparel

It may be a warm, tropical climate on Oahu; however, it is essential to wear two key clothing items for an optimal experience. Boots with a heel are preferred, as this will keep your feet where they need to be in the saddle and prevent your feet from slipping in the stirrups. Long pants or jeans are also recommended to keep you from getting pinched by the fenders of the saddle and keep your legs protected through wooded areas.

2.) Stay relaxed

The majority of horses used in programs like this are calm and used to trail riding. That said, any horse can be easily spooked. When you’re standing around the horses or out riding, try not to make loud noises or sudden fast movements. If you act calm and cool, then the horse will follow suit.

3.) Posture

Most riding facilities can give you a quick crash-course on safe riding posture. Essentially, the best way is to sit up tall and keep your legs slightly in front of you with your heels down. This will prevent you from leaning forward, and it will improve your balance.

A Marina Hawaii Equine Adventure

For the ultimate equine adventure while staying at Marina Hawaii Vacations, book a stay in one of our beautiful vacation rentals in Waikiki and check out one of the many surrounding trail ride opportunities. Saddle up and head out for a unique adventure! There is no better way to experience our beautiful island than from the back of a horse.

Check Out Our Beautiful Waikiki Vacation Condos

As the holiday season comes into full swing, many couples are in search of the perfect tropical escape. Discover where romantic nights by the beach and the splendor of the holidays meet when you stay at Marina Hawaii Vacations. As one of the best places to stay in Honolulu, Marina Hawaii Vacations has rentals that are conveniently located so that you can experience every holiday happening with ease and relax for a romantic holiday getaway with your love.

The Best Festive Oahu date Ideas During The Holidays

Though the Hawaiian Islands are obviously not going to be a winter wonderland, that does not mean that you cannot find a bit of winter fun during your visit. Slip into a pair of skates and hit the ice at Ice Palace. Ice Skating may seem like an odd activity to find in such a warm climate, but it is the perfect date night activity as you glide hand in hand over the ice.

When it comes to Oahu date ideas during the holiday season, catch an unforgettable display of grace and beauty with the Ballet Hawaii for their presentation of the classic The Nutcracker. Watch as the talented group of dancers leap and bound across the stage in a stunning display of dance and music.

For a romantic night strolling through delightful light displays, grab your honey and head to the Friends of Honolulu City Lights. Discover large displays of Hawaiian Christmas spirit as well as multiple unique events that capture the holiday cheer with a tropical twist. You can find everything from free milk and cookies to carnival rides and live entertainment.

Along with all of these fantastic events, you can find a myriad of other exciting activities and events with Honolulu Magazine and other travel guide event pages. From Christmas light boat parades to craft fairs to live entertainment, you will be sure to find something of interest during your Marina Hawaii Vacations getaway.

Beach Time With Your Honey   

When visiting the Island of Oahu, it is common to hit the beach and enjoy the sounds of waves rushing to shore and rolling back off the sand. What better way to celebrate your love than finding the perfect spot on the beach for a sunset? Whether you are looking to propose or are recently married, discover the Fireworks on Friday nights on Waikiki Beach. One reason that Oahu is the best Hawaiian Island for honeymoon getaways is all of the magical events that our community hosts. Watch the fireworks glitter in your special someone’s eyes and fall even further into love under the Oahu night sky.

Romantic Accommodations

On top of all of these wonderful holiday happenings, you can always find Oahu romantic dinner options, fun things to do in Honolulu, and one of the best places to stay in Honolulu with Marina Hawaii Vacations. As the best Hawaiian island for honeymoon getaways and the place to be during the holidays, Marina Hawaii Vacations invites you to spend this holiday season with the one you love with us. Discover the magic of the Christmas spirit with one of the best places to stay in Honolulu for an island experience you will never forget.

When visiting new places, it is always interesting to seek out local cuisine and restaurants to get a “taste” of the local culture. When you visit us at Marina Hawaii Vacations, discover some of the best places to eat in Honolulu and sink your teeth into something delicious! Though there are endless options for fantastic dining experiences, we picked out a few that we think are worth checking into.

Fresh Catch

When it comes to seafood and poke dishes, there are plenty of choices. However, there is a spot that even Guy Fieri and TripExpert have rated as having some of the best food around. At Fresh Catch, you will find a menu full of fresh fish options, plate options, and an array of sashimi. Grab a seat or order by phone and pick up your meal to enjoy back at your Marina Hawaii vacation rental for a night of relaxation and delicious food.

Steak Shack

If you love steak, it can be hard to find a dinner that is made just right every time. There is one place that specializes in fantastic steaks and puts an island twist on the meal for a bit of Hawaiian flair. The Steak Shack is passionate about creating incredible chicken and steak meals that are made with quality meats and organic vegetable sides for a mouthwatering combination of flavors.

Tommy Bahama

Whether you are looking for lunch, dinner, or just a few drinks, Tommy Bahama is a top choice amongst visitors. With a few different locations across the United States and one or two international outlets, Tommy Bahama could be considered a chain, but it is far from typical. With a familiar name, you know that this restaurant is a favorite amongst many and well worth testing it out.


The Pig & The Lady

If you are in search of a satisfying dish and a fantastic atmosphere, be sure to try out The Pig & The Lady. Discover the tastes of authentic Vietnamese dishes that hone in on the traditional flavors and techniques of traditional meals that are sure to make your taste buds sing. This family owned and locally operated joint is perfect for trying new things and enjoying a meal in style for a fun and lively place to eat in Honolulu.

Sweet E’s Cafe

If breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, Sweet E’s Cafe has some of the best morning meals on Oahu just waiting for you to take a bite! From delicious omelets to phenomenal french toast, there is no shortage of incredible choices for every breakfast fanatic. The high ratings on sites like TripAdvisor reflect just how fantastic this stop truly is and why it is a favorite amongst locals and visitors alike!

Try out these delicious places to eat in Honolulu as well as many others on your next visit with us at Marina Hawaii Vacations. Discover the tastes of the islands and reference these hubs for fun Oahu date ideas as well as spots to pick up a meal for a romantic dinner right in the comfort of your vacation rental. The island of Oahu is calling your name. Are you ready to explore and discover our beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii home?

vacation rentals in Honolulu Hawaii

In the opening scenes of the classic film series, Jurassic Park, there are always panoramic views of beautiful mountain formations and a bird’s eye view of a jungle island. They show fascinating depictions of prehistoric creatures soaring through the sky and roaming the lands below. Though there are obviously no real dinosaurs roaming the island of Oahu, the landscapes portrayed in the films are real and just as breathtaking in person. When you stay with us in our vacation rentals in Honolulu Hawaii, you can take a wild adventure to the places this iconic series was filmed, as well as many others like it.

A Jurassic Paradise

Anyone who loves dinosaurs and films will find themselves immersed in a world of wonder when they visit an iconic part of Hawaii. Kualoa Ranch, a short drive from our property in Honolulu, Hawaii, was one of the main filming grounds of Jurassic Park, and it is home to various structures, such as the gates to enclosures and bones, which were featured in the movies. Take a photo next to the Jurassic Park sign, ride horseback through the valleys, float along on a boat tour, pedal your way on mountain bikes, zipline along the jungle treetops, or embark on a jeep expedition! There are also special movie site tours to see backdrops and movie props that still remain on the grounds.

Take A Tourvacation rentals in Honolulu Hawaii

Along with Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, a large number of Blockbusters have been filmed at Kualoa Ranch. Scenes from Lost, Hawaii 5-0, Fifty First Dates, Godzilla, George of The Jungle, and several others have come to life on these grounds. One of the best ways to soak in the full effect of the area is with a tour. There are several opportunities for ATV tours that will take you through the 4,000-acre lands and dramatic scenery and allow you to get a first-hand look into this natural oasis. The trails take you along some of the most stunning tropical areas of the island as well as to the tallest accessible waterfall on the island, Manoa Falls. Movie buffs and nature lovers alike will be in paradise with one of these tours.

Soak It All In

Though Kualoa Ranch is a popular destination, there are plenty of other fascinating stops on the island to get your film fix close by our vacation rentals in Honolulu Hawaii. Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head Monument, Waikiki Beach, Manoa Trail, and numerous other places offer fantastic opportunities to take in the majesty of our island home. A Marina Hawaii Vacations getaway is the perfect excursion for film fanatics and adventurers, so stay with us in one of our vacation rentals in Honolulu Hawaii and experience it all.

vacation rentals in Honolulu Hawaii

A Luau is one of Hawaii’s most iconic celebrations and is something that attendees will never forget. Imagine passionate and talented fire twirlers, dancers, and performers giving their all to an age-old tradition right before your eyes. When you stay with us in our vacation rentals in Honolulu Hawaii at Marina Hawaii Vacations, the nearby Paradise Cove is the perfect place to discover the beauty of the Hawaiian culture firsthand.

Living Tradition

Paradise Cove is a destination within a destination that preserves the culture and traditions of Hawaii in a way that also educates others about the beauty of our ancestors. Whether it is dining on traditional Hawaiian cuisine, singing along with the songs of our ancestors, or watching the powerful dances of warriors of the past, you can find it here. The Hawaiian lifestyle is near and dear to our hearts, and we’re delighted to share it with those visiting our beautiful island home.

The Experience

When visitors come to Paradise Cove, it is to soak in the true heritage of Hawaii. Several packages offer exciting pieces of our culture. Choices of traditional meals, various arts and crafts, ceremonies, and dances are included in each package in order to feature as much of our traditional  luau culture as possible. You can find yourself front row for some of the most spectacular viewings of authentic Hawaiian culture. The Paradise Cove experience is a favorite amongst guests that stay in our vacation rentals in Honolulu Hawaii.vacation rentals in Honolulu Hawaii

Your Hawaiian Adventure

We are well known for our beautiful landscapes and breathtaking beaches, but our culture is one of the most exciting and unforgettable parts of visiting our islands. Stay with us at Marina Hawaii Vacations and visit places like Paradise Cove for a personal experience that will instill a part of Hawaii in your heart forever. Our vacation rentals in Honolulu Hawaii are waiting for you; so what are you waiting for? Come and experience the incredible traditions of our ancestors with us!